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 Tricks "F"

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PostSubject: Tricks "F"   Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:47 pm

Fakie Flip
A kickflip performed in fakie stance.

Fakie Ollie
An ollie performed in fakie.

A fingerflip from pogo back to pogo.

An ollie resulting in a grabbed footplant on an obstacle or lip of some kind.

Feeble Grind
A grind on the back truck on the obstacle with the skateboard at a slight angle thrown left of the obstacle if your right foot is forward, or right of the obstacle if your left foot is forward.

A flip trick performed with the fingers.

It's a one footed nose pivot done more like a 180° slide on flatland.

A generic term for any trick where the foot is planted on the floor.

Forward Flip
This is a flip where you ollie and push the board down on the nose while you are in the air, resulting in the board nose-diving and flipping 180° end over end.

Frixion Flip
A casper disaster without letting the body follow the board, resulting in a quick rail shuvit.

Front Foot Impossible
This is an impossible performed using the front foot.

Often abbreviated to f/s, back foot rotation forwards first.

Frontside Air
Travelling in the direction your heels are facing while turning frontside

Frontside Flip
A frontside 180° kickflip.

Frontside Ollie
A frontside 180° ollie.
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Tricks "F"
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