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 Tricks "L"

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PostSubject: Tricks "L"   Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:56 pm

Laser Flip
A 360° varial heelflip.

Late Flip
A general term for any flip trick or varial performed after ollying rather than as part of the ollie like with most flip tricks.

Layback Slide
Generally, any grind or slide where one hand is trailing behind the skater on the coping, resulting in the skater literally "lying back".

Les Twist
Essentially a gaytwist with a melon grab.

Lien Air
The lien air can be described more easily as a frontside melon grab on vert.

Lip Trick
Any trick performed on the lip of a suitable obstacle.

A slide on the middle of the skateboard where the board is roughly at right angles to the obstacle.

The Loop
Simply a classic loop-the-loop. Few skaters have done it, but Bob Burnquist mastered it, doing it switch and taking the roof out to essentially do a switch frontside air from one side of the loop to the other.
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Tricks "L"
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