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 Tricks "G"

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PostSubject: Tricks "G"   Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:48 pm

G Turn
G turns were nose manuals where you carve round in a circle that gets steadily tighter.

A fakie 360° mute grab fastplant. Named after Mark "Gator" Anthony, who not only invented the trick, but later became infamous after killing a woman and burying her in the desert.

Gay Twist
This is a caballerial with a mute grab.

This is a 540° shuvit where the rider of the skateboard also spins a 360° body follow (a body follow is a body varial in the same direction as the skateboard is spinning).

Gazelle Flip
Is a Gazelle with a flip trick added.

Ghetto Bird
The ghetto bird is a 'signature trick' of pro skater Kareem Campbell, although like many signature tricks it's probable that the trick was landed well before Kareem popularised it. The trick itself is simply an illusion flip revert.

Gnar Jar
A 540° to tail. Broken down, this means you get air on a vert ramp, spin 540°, and slap your tail on the coping on the way down.

Godzilla Flip
An impossible from a tail stop that is started by pulling the nose of the board over your foot with your hand as you jump

Godzilla Railflip
A frontside varial railflip from toeside rail that flips 1.75 times in the heelflip direction.

Grab Trick
A trick involving holding a part of the skateboard with one or both hands while airborne.

Grey Slide
Named after Jim Grey, the Grey Slide is a vert tailslide where the front hand grabs the nose and the back hand is on the coping, like a lay-back grind.

The act of riding along an obstacle - usually a curb, rail or ledge - on the trucks of the skateboard.

Gymnast Plant
A no-footed invert on a ramp; the legs are extended upwards and held together perfectly in a good gymnast plant.
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Tricks "G"
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