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 Tricks "H"

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PostSubject: Tricks "H"   Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:49 pm

Half Cab
A 180° fakie ollie - half a cabalerial.

Half Cab Impossible
A half cab impossible is a combination of a half cab and a fakie impossible.

Hand Casper
A casper with the nose held up by one or both hands in any way at all.

A generic name for any move where a hand is placed on something to support the skater.

You just do a handstand on the board.

Hang Ten
Refers to a stance where the skateboarder has both feet and rolling forward on the nose.

A frontside pop-shove it with a varial kickflip.

Fliping the board towards the toe side of the board.

A manual performed with both feet on the tail of the skateboard while rolling forwards.

A 360° frontside nollie. Invented by Rodney Mullen.

Ho Ho Plant
A handstand done with both hands on the floor/coping, feet fully extended, and the board resting on top of the feet in what would be a normal riding position.

Hospital Flip
A type of casper flip. A half kickflip to casper position in mid air, followed by a varial half underflip to get your board back the right way up.

This combo grind trick consists of a 180° ollie into a fakie feeble grind.
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Tricks "H"
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