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 Tricks "M"

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PostSubject: Tricks "M"   Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:58 pm

A frontside one footed lien to tail on vert. Doing it backsided is called a Sean Penn who was formerly married to Madonna.

A balancing trick involving rolling across an obstacle on the back wheels only.

A vert trick consisting of a 540° rotation with a backflip. Named after it's inventor, Mike Mcgill.

A noseboned backside grab (gripping the heelside of the board with your back hand). The closer to the tail the grab is the more stylish the melon grab is. Also called a "Meloncollie"

Method Air
A Method is basically a Melon grab but more "tweaked" behind the skater with their legs bent more.

Miller Flip
A 360° frontside handplant to fakie on vert.

A monsterwalk is a chain of 180° pivots that alternate in direction.

A grab trick similar to an indy grab, but with the front hand, not the rear hand, grabbing the board on its toe side underneath the front knee.
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Tricks "M"
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