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 Tricks "N"

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PostSubject: Tricks "N"   Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:59 pm

Natas Spin
Named after it's inventor, Natas Kaupas, the Natas spin entails spinning around on the top of a pole (or anything else that sticks up vertically). First seen in the 1980's Santa Cruz video, "Streets on Fire", where Natas himself does one on a fire hydrant.

Nightmare Flip
A varial double kickflip; the skateboard does two full flips and a 180° varial rotation.

A 540° body varial. Named after Danny Mayer, the skater who invented it.

No Comply
Similar to a boneless except you don't use your hand to lift the skateboard after stepping off the board.

An ollie performed off the nose of the skateboard.

Nollie Flip
A kickflip performed in nollie stance.

Boning the front leg, pushing the nose of the skateboard forwards in the process.

A grab trick performed by holding the nose of the skateboard with the front hand.

A grind trick performed with the skateboard paralel to the obstacle and balancing on the front truck only.

Nosehook Impossible
An impossible performed by hooking the front foot under the nose of the skateboard and using it to pull the board over and around the back foot.

A slide on the underside of the nose.

A simple stall on the underside of the nose.

A manual balanced on the front wheels instead of the back wheels.

180° ollie into a switch feeble grind, with a 180° out to land regular.
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Tricks "N"
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