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 Tricks "R"

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PostSubject: Tricks "R"   Mon Sep 13, 2010 2:02 pm

An obstacle used to grind or slide on in street skating such as a hand rail.

Rail Flip
Any flip trick performed out of a rail stance.

Rail Slide
Sliding across an obstacle (usually a flat and vigorously waxed platform) in a rail stand.

Rail Stand
A skateboarding stance where the board rests on its edge

A 360° shuvit in rail while keeping a foot on the wheel of the board.

A 180° turn with all wheels on the ground.

Roast Beef
A grab trick where the back hand reaches between the skateboarders legs and grips the heelside of the deck.

Rock And Roll
A rock to fakie, where the skater does a kickturn to re-enter the ramp rolling forwards instead of rocking back in fakie.

Rock to Fakie
A basic lip trick where the skateboard is stalled in a boardslide position on the obstacle

Rocket Air
A trick where the skater in mid air has both feet on the tail of the skateboard and both hands gripping the nose.

Rodeo Flip
A rodeo flip is an inverted, or upside down, 540° frontside air.[b]
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Tricks "R"
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