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 Tricks "C"

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PostSubject: Tricks "C"   Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:43 pm

Cab Flip
A 360° fakie kickflip, not to be confused with a fakie 360° kickflip! The cab part of the trick name comes from caballerial which is a 360° fakie ollie.

This is a 360° fakie ollie. This means the skateboarder rides backwards in fakie and pops a huge ollie, rotating 360° in mid-air before landing back in fakie again.
Named after the first skateboarder to land it, Steve Cabalero.

Calf Wrap
Calf wrap trick involves standing on one leg, with the other leg bent behind it and tucked into the back of your knee. The skateboard is held off the ground, clamped between the two legs.

A grab trick where both the nose and tail are both gripped with either hand. Requires crouching down and making a vaguely ball like shape with your body and board.

If you turn by leaning to one side instead of picking the front wheels up and rotating slightly, you are carving. You can carve around on ramps, in ditches, during wheelies, or just across a road, but the name remains the same.

A freestyle stance where the skateboard is upside down and balanced on the point of the tail. The skaters back foot is on the underside of the tail and the board maintains it's angled position by the skaters front foot being hooked under the deck.

Casper Disaster
Fakie 180° pivot in rail where the deck and the front wheel never touches the floor. The board is pushed through the pivot with the front foot on the grip, and when the 180° is complete, the deck is set back down to the wheels.

Casper Flip
Any flip trick executed from a casper position.

Casper Slide
A slide on a suitable surface in the casper position.

Many people think this is another name for the bomb drop, but is when you jump off the ground from your feet onto your skateboard.

Chef Salad
An ollie impossible landed straight into a 180° nose pivot.

Chicken Salad
A roast beef grab with the arm twisted round. In other words, where in a roast beef your arm goes straight down, so that your elbow is pointing at your groin, your elbow is pointed out in a chicken salad.

Christ Air
Grab the nose of the skateboard with his front hand as in a nosegrab and then extends his arms and legs in order to look like a capital 'T', or if you prefer, someone being crucified (hence the title of the trick). The skateboard is put back beneath the feet before landing and rolling away.

Classic Flip
An old school flip trick accomplished by hooking your toe underneath the skateboard and jumping. Also called "Magic Flip"

Coconut Manual
A coconut manual is like a railslide, but the deck never touches the floor - you actually hold it in a manual on the side of the board.

One of the early "tricks" was the coffin, which simply consisted of lying down on your back on your deck, crossing your arms across your chest, and rolling around like this.

Coleman Slide
Where the board is pushed frontside and only the front hand of the skater is on the road.

Cooper Stand
A rail stand where the skateboarder is balanced at one end of the skateboard only, both feet bunched up around one wheel. Harder to balance, enables far more flips to be performed out of the stance. This is named after Lynn Cooper, a famous freestyle skateboarder.

Crail Grab
A nosegrab using the back hand instead of the front, meaning the back hand is taken across the front of the body.

A tailslide performed while grabbing the nose of the skateboard with your back hand across your body.

Landing an air in vert/pool skating into a tail tap while grabbing crail.

Crooked Grind
A grind that is a nosegrind but at a slight angle.

A grab trick where the front hand grips the heelside of the skateboard just inside the front foot with back leg boned.
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Tricks "C"
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