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Kick/Push (Newbie)
Kick/Push (Newbie)

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PostSubject: SUP SUP THIS IS SMARTI!   Thu Oct 28, 2010 1:07 pm


i want to first and foremost thank everyone for supporting our cause for the skate shop. it's truly going to be a skate shop for YOU! whether ur an avid enthusiast, casual shredder, or BOSS, we will do our best to cater to your needs.

originally from Seoul Korea, grew up my elementary years skateboarding on a bart simpson fat board from "Venture," a chicago department store a lot like K Mart and now doesn't even exist. When the family moved from chicago to the NW Burbs, Wheeling, skateboarding was lost. i never met so many boys named matthew in my life! lol, it was like a movie. coming from the northside south albany park area of chicago, it was definitely different. during middle school i picked up the board again. with a gang of always 5+ deep we skated all the spots. literally, no bikes, no cars, JUST SKATEBOARDED EVERYWHERE! you all may know some, behind burlington coat factory at the loading dock drop, ivy hill elementary school parking lot manual pads, all the park districts with plastic benches, deerfield/northbrook park, glenview park, randhurst mall before they tore it down, FA SKATESHOP back in the day when it was a soccer store, the palatine resovoirs (dopest spot in the area IMO) and many more.

before i tore my ACL i was teaching local skaters how to skate better, a mentor. local cats looked up to me, not cuz i was a good shredder, because i helped, pushed everyone to be better than who they were.

before we open our shop, i want to welcome you to our forums. Check out our facebook page, follow us on twitter and don't be shy to intermingle and add us to your friends. we'll be hittin' up all the local skateparks from Buffalo Grove to Glenview. Don't hesitate to come up to us and say what's up! maybe we'll give u some free stuff and maybe a free skateboard to ride. PEACE
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