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 Tricks "T"

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PostSubject: Tricks "T"   Mon Sep 13, 2010 2:05 pm

Tailblock Slide
Grabbing the nose and pulling the board up so you are sliding just on the tail of the board; all 4 wheels are in the air.

Grab trick involving gripping the tail of the skateboard with your back hand while in the air.

A slide on the underside of the tail only.

Stalling with your weight centred on the tail

In vert skating, a brief tail stall on the coping of a half pipe on the way down from an air trick.

Tre Flip
Another name for a 360° flip.

A tweak is a general term used to describe a fine adjustment applied to a trick in order to make it more stylish or difficult.

Twisted Flip
Spinning the skateboard one way and the skater spinning the other way.
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Tricks "T"
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