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 Tricks "S"

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PostSubject: Tricks "S"   Mon Sep 13, 2010 2:03 pm

Sal Flip
A 360° palm flip.

Salad Grind
A combination of a 5-0 grind and a bluntslide

Seatbelt Air
A grab trick where the front hand extends across the front of the body and grips the tail of the board on the toeside

Sergio Slide
A downhill slide much like the Coleman slide but with the back hand planted on the road instead of the front one.

Sex Change
A kickflip with a body varial.

The act of tweaking an air trick by turning your hips so that the skateboard rotates in midair before rotating back again to a normal position.

Spining the skateboard on all 4 wheels as the skateboarder jumps above it.

Riding with 2 wheels on the same side up in the air.

Slappy Grind
Any grind done, with having to ollie into it.

Smith Grind
A grind performed on the back trucks with the front wheels pointing down towards the ground on the left hand side of the obstacle if your left foot is forward, or the right hand side of the obstacle if your right foot is forward. Invented by Mike Smith in 1981.

A spacewalk is a wheelie where the nose swings from side to side

A difficult grab trick requiring plenty of flexibility; the back hand grips the heelside of the skateboard roughly in the middle, and both knees are bent and pointed towards the nose of the skateboard. Invented by Tony Hawk in 1986.

A trick with positioning the same as a grind or slide of some sort but without moving.

Suski Grind
This grind was named for the pro skater Aaron Suski, although he wasn't the first person to do the trick. It's a 'crooked' backside 5-0 grind, where the tail also slides along the obstacle as well as the rear truck.

Switch Flip
A kickflip performed in switch.
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Tricks "S"
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